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and a crashing into a metrobus in d.c. we are going to go live to brianne carter epicene of what happened. >> the crash happening here in southeast d.c. at the intersection of wheeler road and southern ave. it began in prince george's county. according to police, the vehicle involved in the crash in southeast d.c. was reported stolen in prince george's county around 9:00 this morning. authorities say between the time it was reported stolen and the crash happened, the vehicle was also reported to have been involved in a number of facts where the suspects were allegedly taking items out of people's vehicles in hyattsville. there was a lookout issued for police. not one but two police officers spotted the vehicle. each tried to make a stop but the vehicle fled. police say they did not pursue the car, the car fled. authorities tell us the driver of the vehicle lost control striking a car before striking a metrobus here at this intersection. we talked about the fact the suspects were allegedly involved in taking items out of people's cars. we talk to one woman who said she was at a gas station
-- the school is working to get nearby business involved. >>> a showdown between baltimore and d.c., but there's no question we've got them on this. >> the travel channel is doing a special episode trying to discover which hill is better, federal hill or capitol hill. mike mass cohas more. i know we're winning, right. >> what are you talking about. the restaurants, the bars, nowhere in comparison. we're at the cross market street. this is where we have to be wall to wall lineup. we're here to prove how we're so much better than d.c. we've been talking about seafood for an hour. tell meet difference between dc seafood and baltimore. >> d.c. does it their own way. >> you're talking different spices. >> different spice, different ingredients, different products. >> reporter: so let's call it authentic seafood. >> wannabe seafood, wannabe. >> reporter: i like. that the travel channel will come down here, do their walk around and talk. we're down here tonight. we'll talk more about this and give you some statistics. i did a little googling. back to you. >> sounds yummy. >> you like oysters, right?
this afternoon in hopes of reaching a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. redskins fever heats up in the d.c. region. local businesses and fans and the team during up for one of the biggest gains in years. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is friday, december 28. 5:00 a.m. now. i am scott thuman. cynne is off today. we begin with jacqui jeras with the weather. everybody wants to know the football forecast. >> no problem. today will be great. sunday will be pretty good. it is tomorrow to worry about if you are trying to travel. snow will be moving in, but it will not be a major storm. 37 degrees this morning in d.c., 34 at dulles, 36 in manassas 30 and in fredericksburg. there is a winter weather advisory issued ahead of the storm in the highlands, northern ireland, west virginia. 4 + inches could be expected especially along the ridgetops. -- winter weather advisory issued ahead of the storm in northern maryland, west virginia, in the highlands. highs today around 40 degrees. now, ste
police protection on buses. in southeast d.c., karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >>> the news edge on maryland now where an off-duty police officer was shot early this morning. the officer was in overly in baltimore county when he came upon a crowd of people in the street. it was 3:15 a.m. police say he stopped his car and asked the group to move so he could get through. that is when someone came out of the group shooting. the officer was shot twice. is he expected to survive. >>> tonight -- he is expected to survive. >>> tonight family and friends gather to remember a young man shot a year ago and pray for the suspect to be found. kevin victor wanted to be a marine and he was a standout athlete. now his brother darrius plays with kevin in mind while his family waits to hear something from police they say that have been silent more than nine months. >> he's my motivation. i do it for him. every touchdown is for him. every yard is for him. of grade is for him in the classroom -- every grade is for him in the classroom, too. >> we had high hopes to receive justice from the police dep
per hour in hagerstown, and in d.c. the winds are gusting to 33 miles per hour. this means it feels like the 20s outside. dress for that windchill, and you will be much better to go than if you dress for the anticipated high in the high 30s. the winds should be relaxing a little bit for the redskins game. appears little bit of good news for you guys, and back to you. >>> and you can expect traffic backups. the beltway, of course, may jam starting at hrapbover road and that exit by fedex field, and 395 could get crowded. if you decide to take the metro it will be open an extra hour to accommodate fans, or can you skip all the traffic troubles together and stick with us here at nbc 4. we have all your redskins coverage tonight before the game. catch the pregame show "redskins showdown," and then stick around for news at 11:00 followed by the "redskins final." >>> and then lawmakers have until the end of the day tomorrow to stop a cross the board tax hikes and spending cuts. the house and senate are not taking the sunday off. both will be in session today. we could see a vote at some p
term after last month's election. >>> d.c. investigators say they know who shot and killed a woman getting on a metro bus over the weekend. and they're looking for the suspect. witnesses told officers a man walked up behind the victim as she boarded a metro bus near 18th street and minnesota avenue southeast. the gunman then opened fire into the bus. the woman was hit several times. she died at the scene. her young daughter, a toddler, appeared to have a graze wound and she was taken to the hospital. police say it appears that the victims were actually targeted. >>> d.c. police are looking for two men who robbed a convenience store in southeast washington. the robbery happened yesterday morning at the m&v store. surveillance video shows two men with their faces covered rushing the door as an employee opens the family-run business. at least one of them pointsa gun at the worker. the robbers then empty the cash register and take cartons of cigarettes. >>> d.c. mayor vincent gray is unveiling new color schemes for taxis operating in the district in about 30 minutes. the uniform color
in the nation and $3 billion more than washington d.c. so what is it about fairfax county that makes it so attractive? dulles airport. the international airport provides easy access to washington on its highway. dulles airport also provides connections to both international and national markets, but if funding drops out accident buildings will go the interest -- out, buildings will go empty and commercial property taxes which fuel the county's economy will decline. >> we want bailed approach to help us get out of this -- a balanced approach to help us get out of this, but it will have a significant impact on fairfax county if congress does nothing. >> didn't know dulles airport was such a big deal and remember, the biggest expenditure for fairfax and other counties around here, the school budget. less money for the county, less money for schools. >>> as part of our continuing effort to hold elected officials accountable for what does or does not happen before the january 1st deadline, we're inviting our local lawmakers to be live with us on the air. tonight at 7:00 i'll be joined by maryl
's palace. >>> this morning d.c. mayor vincent gray will announce a new flood prevention for bloomingdale. this comes after flash floods swamped that neighborhood last summer. it would put storage tanks at the former mcmillan sand filtration plant, capable of holding 3 million gallons each. crews will also dig a six block tunnel under first street that could store 6 million gallons of storm water.king for ways to ease traffic and make road im. p -- improvements, and they want uncle sam to foot the bill. the government's shift to fort belvoir put a heavy burden on already congested roads. the county is looking for more than $1 billion from the government. county officials don't expect to get that total amount but hope to get something to alleviate some of those traffic problem. >>> a metro bus driver is upped investigation after this video popped up online. check it out. it appears to show the driver holding and possibly reading a newspaper behind the wheel. the rider, who posted the video on the blog unsuck d.c. metro says it happened on the d-2 route during the morning rush last monday.
. >> awesome. four-game winning streak. i love it. we need to do this a little more often. >> reporter: with d.c. and baltimore being so close, there are many couples with divided allegiance to the skins and ravens. >> i'm feeling fantastic. what a game. kirk cousins come back and then run it in for the two-point conversion. unbelievable. >> knock it off. that's enough. that's enough. >> reporter: and wes and melissa. >> i'm loving life. she's probably going to sleep on the couch. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: so you're no the that mad at him. >> we'll let him have that one. >> there was a case of west nile in d.c. and all the crows went down. >> reporter: the skins pulled off their fourth win in a row with rg3 off the field with an injury. fans are already thinking about the next game. >> it's okay. >> reporter: playoffs hopes and dreams live on at fedexfield. >>> new details about a rescue operation in afghanistan. we're learning now that an american soldier was killed while rescuing a doctor who had been abducted in kabul. president obama has released a statement expressing sympathy for t
today but little of it stuck. there were flurries in d.c., virginia, and maryland but by late this afternoon the snow had turned to rain so tonight transportation crews are concerned about icy roads. v dot deployed trucks to pretreat bridges and highways to prevent treacherous conditions. temperatures are expected to dip well below freezing tonight. storm team 4 meteorologist kim martucci is here with what to expect overnight. >> in addition to dropping temperatures we have to talk about gusty winds. they're already beginning to fire up, up in hagerstown we've clocked wind gusts at 32 miles an hour. needless to say, we are going to have cold wind chills tonight. already it feels like 37 in d.c. but it feels like 22 in hagerstown and 28 in martinsburg. overnight we'll see those wind gusts make it feel like the teens. so when you step outside tomorrow morning, to pick up that paper, it'll feel a lot colder than what the number says on your thermometer. as for the snow, it's winding up across new england. i'll forecast abotalk about tha west virginia and whether it will affect us
. >> officials in maryland, d.c. and virginia all have the same advice for when it comes to snow. if you don't have to drive around, folks, stay inside. that way crews can take care of the roads and keep people safe at the same time. >>> enjoy the mild conditions for your friday. major changes coming your way for the weekend. veronica johnson is here for the forecast. >> seems like we got rid of one storm and another one is moving in. starting right after midnight. temperature outside right now, 38 degrees reagan national. your windchill at 30. so we lost a lot of the high winds but still enough wind out there to bring down that windchill reading. you can see the winds currently. at about 5 to 10 miles per hour across our area. that's kind of where they're going to stay today. as far as temperatures go right now, benning at 33 degrees. areas right in d.c. there at 37. high atsville at 32 degrees. aspen hill in montgomery county, coming in currently at 34 degrees. windchill ratings are low throughout the area. reading between 26 and 30 degrees. so bundle up if you will be going out. as far as
and police scowering the ground.the shooting happened at one &ppolice have now charged a d-c man with attempted murrer for shootinggtyrell okoro... a morgan state football playyr in the leg.inveetigators say... he was shot after a dispute... near a unfolded in ffont f a crowd of students... despertately calling for help. "caller: a young man got shht. i wassin my dorm room and i looked out and he just got shot""somebody just ggt shot onnmmrgan's campus, right here can somebody come please!" pleass!"to hear all offthe 9-1-1 calls released by 3 police... go to our website, foxbaltimore dot om, slash raw news. this was the second on campus shoottng in just a matter of monnhs from morggn state university, i'm megan an abingdon man is held on s..- 100-thousand doolars ail this morning...accused of trying &pto film his own daughter in the shower. shower.last month while taking a shower...the 16-year-old girl saw herrfather's ipod above the toilet...when she pt...she saw a viddo of her dad setting it p.the man told police that he... he...just wanted to see
faster along more major d.c. commuter routes. .increased the speed limit to 45 on eastbound on york avenue between bladensburg and the maryland line. and it's 45 miles an hour. the speed limit on canal road from the chain bridge to foxhall road is also now 40 miles an hour. it's 50 degrees on this tuesday morning. >> good news keeps coming from >> welcome back. we're getting news from iraq about their president. >> he has been hospitalized. jummy olabanji is in the newsroom with more on what is happening. >> we are getting this information from the associated press. details are not many. we know that the president has been taken to a hospital in baghdad for an unspecified health problem. his office posted disinformation on their web site a short time ago. they say that he was taken to the hospital last night, showing signs of extreme fatigue. they gave no further details. they said that they would update their website as soon as they got an update on his condition. this story is out of iraq. we will pass along any information. back to you. >> thank you. as police investigated deadly
to send more trains over the yellow line so to accommodate the silver line. the westside of d.c. will will be worse off because of this. to take effectd next year when the silver line opens up. drivers are listening up to .ate the icc connecting montgomery wasprince george's county supposed to give drivers a break from traffic. at drivers are not willing to pay the toll. lowering the tolls would be the for the drivers and toll roads. natasha barrett will explain how. this is the icc next to me. the council members might have . point little after 5 p.m., it does you are on the .cc this is the busiest it has been all day. connector wasty supposed to be the solution to traffic clogged roads. >> i do not use it. .$8is i used the standard roads. fight the rather .raffic on the icc, drivers pay $8 for a full trip. trucks pay $36. many people as expected are using it. only 26,000 used it on the eastern and. 35,000 used it on the western and. end. the montgomery county councilman asking theetter slash toll prices in half so more people will use the icc. it is not a bridge or a .unnel pe
. >> breaking news. crews are on the scene of a deadly shooting in northeast d.c. police found a man shot to h in the 1200 block of c street. for two are looking suspects. what led to the shooting. more details as. >> under the people are expected the national mall afternoon to honor the of the elementary school shooting in newtown, connecticut. joinizers say people will form a large community circle around the washington monument. goal is to find ways to prevent similar tragedies in the future. >> the debate over guns in america, the national rifle association is not backing down from its controversial idea of putting armed guards in the nation's schools. >> i don't understand why you cannot just four minutes imagine when a horrible monster his way into a if a good school that been there, had might be unable to stop him. the nation's cardigan rights as a white house task may try ton violence undermine the second amendment. >> u.s. senator free on bond after being arrested for alleged drunk driving. the idaho republican ran a red light in alexandria early sunday morning. he failed several fiel
showers to the d.c., not expected to whole lot. the dense fog advisory for hours. night morning you rrow to leave a few extra the fog. cause of in the mid 40's to but a nice warmup and in the outlook. > thank you so much. marion barry in again. of fire vont versele police officers chief's response. red skin fever is by the minute but what the chances rg3 will return to the let's get to the story about here talking town the redskins and their o playoffs. eyes of course on robert because we hird waiting to see whether he will be starting. from e the latest park tonight. knows kurt cuss 1-0 as a starter. l start on sunday. upset when the skins eactivated after doctors and tested the nee yesterday. knee seems stable. was quick. and want you to listen to mike shanahan from this afternoon. he's getting a lot of treatment. good and i think a lot saw before the game today. long lly it's not too doctors okay him and to practice full speed. their e doctors give to play. going dangerous the most d exciting runners in the eague. the redskins don't want his future. unless he has . set back this
notice on house votes. the potus on his way to d.c. to address fiscal cliff for the middle class with six days left to act. gop still mia. joining me now from hawaii, kristin welker. was the president expected? >> we did expect that given there was no deal on the fiscal cliff that he would have to return early from his hawaiian vacation. he will be flying out late or this evening. the first lady and the first daughters continuing his hawaiian vacation. he will find himself in a similar situation. the negotiations are largely deadlocked. just to give you a sense of how we got to where we are, if you go back to last week, it seemed like the house and speaker were getting close to getting a big deal that would have included tax reform and deficit reduction. that fell apart. house speaker john boehner tried to get his own bill through the house. he realized he didn't have enough votes for that. that fell apart as well. the ball is in the senate's court. according to an aide, senate majority leader harry read will not bring a bill to the floor unless he believes he will not have the support to
court was there should be a judicial review at least in those cases under permit the. in 2010 the d.c. circuit reversed and the opinion by chief judge sentelle held that it seemed like the suspense in clause should not run, even in the context of individuals or another from our picked up in afghanistan. the central animating principle behind the d.c. circuit reasoning was that these detainees could not show that they were held for the sole purpose of evading judicial review. what they could discuss at the l.a. and lest they should, and we accept that as a challenge, so that was actually resolved this morning. you knew we were having this panel. another ruling holding that even with the new evidence submitted is still was enough. if that decision is affirmed on appeal it will mean practically speaking that there will not be a judicial review of any detention about citizens were picked up outside the u.s. and not sent to guantanamo which is an enormous steel. that's totally would change the dynamics of this conversation. briefly, but i want to do, cue this up for greg to should be done
the assault or have seen the man in this photo, contact police. >>> d.c. police are investigating what they're calling a suspicious death in northeast. officers were called out to the 200 block of i street around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. they found the body of a man. homicide crews were also called to the scene. there's no new information. >>> police are looking for a shotgun taken from a stolen police car. two cruisers were stolen last week. one from duke street on thursday, the other on princess street on friday. both cars have been recovered but the shotgun that should have been in the first car is still missing. alexandria place are not sure how the cars are being stolen. they've sent out bulletins to departments region wide about the theft. >>> the man accused of oi -- james caroline was indicted on capital murder and weapons charges yesterday. he's accused of killing i tommy wong who owned capital jewelers on columbia pike in july. caroline will be in court on thursday to set a trial date. >>> lawmakers on capitol hill are mourning the loss of a senator and war hero. daniel dani dani
in the playoffs, now the redskins in the playoffs. what's in the water in d.c.? the tide may be changing here in d.c. do not go anywhere. we're going to extend our coverage as the redskins game has been completed and try to get live coverage back out at fed ex field, so while this sports xtra is over, stick around. we'll be back in a moment.
attention to the other big story to the day. snow coming to the d.c. area and should start to see the white stuff coming overnight. gary mcgrady is joining us now. how much can we expect? >> reporter: not a lot. pardon me, tom. but we will have a little bit coming on across and looks like an accumulation here in the city. first of all, i want to assure you that this is not a big storm and it's not going have a great impact o cross the area now. and the in fact that it's coming on a saturday is going to be, help us quite a bit, you know. you don't necessarily have to get out. most of us don't with minimal commuting to be done. the snow is arriving for everyone before sunrise. it's going to be be snow and then snow and rain for d.c. and looks like a changeover to mostly rain. the highest accumulation to the north-northwest, which is very typical around here. and all of the precip, it looks like it will taper off late day. we have a winter weather advisory and that is in the first full forecast coming up, tom? >> thank you very much, gary. you can remember get your weather all the time anywher
locations, like hagerstown 34, 36 in frederick and gaithersburg, still 40 in d.c., but we have strong winds ouof the north and northwest. a 32 miles per hour wind gust right now in hagerstown, 1 in manassas, 16 miles per hour in d.c. those strong winds out of the northwest are bringing in colder air. so we will see the temperature drop below freezing, especially in the north and west suburbs. 26 to 32 for your overnight lows. we'll slowly warm into the 30s as we head towards 10:00 a.m. that will help to melt any of that black ice that might be out on the roadways. keep in mind the sun doesn't come up until about 7:30 in the morning this time of year. so you might have some lingering black ice into the early morning hours. surae, i'll tell you more about those gusty winds in tomorrow's forecast coming up. >> thank you, erica. >>> as the end of the year deadline approaches to avoid a series of tax increases and spending cuts that will impact most americans, senate leaders are trying to put together some kind of agreement to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. the senate and house are back in se
maybe a little less snow for d.c., looks like it may get a little more mix with rain by late morning tomorrow morning, early in the afternoon before it shuts off. most of the accumulation which is typical will be north and west. all precipitation will taper off by late in the day, fairly fast moving storm. we'll give you the specifics in the forecast for the new year and beyond coming up. >> thank you very much. >>> the snowflakes have not started falling yet, but leaders in d.c. say you should be ready when they do. snowplows will start treating streets and bridges at 4 a.m. officials have some tips if you're out driving tomorrow. >> if you do get some accumulation, we do want you to put salt and abrasives down on your walkway, the thing that you can do to help husband is clear your walk. -- help us is clear your walk. just if you're going to drive be very cautious. give yourself plenty of braking distance and take it easy. there's really no rush. >> officials say if you do not have to be on the roads in the morning, it would be better that maybe you wait until the afternoon. >>> af
was stolen overnight friday and turned up in d.c. police believe the incidents are connected but so far no arrests. >>> coming up a mother proves her doctors wrong and now they're calling her a medical miracle just in time for the holidays, her amazing survival story is next. >> we're tracking some showers moving across the area, still a very mild night. the showers are trying to break up that fog that's remained very thick across the region. >> stick around. here's a look at some of the other stories on the rundown. the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back.  >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ]  there are plenty of reasons to be jolly at the chevy year-end event because chevy's giving more. more efficiency with sonic and cruze... more function in equinox and traverse... more dependability with the legendary silverado... and more style in the all-new malibu. chevy's giving more at the year-end event because 'tis the season. chevy's giving more. this holiday season, get a 2013 cruze ls for around $149 per month or get $500 holiday bonus cash. >>> just fi
check it had 163,000 signatures. here in d.c., dozens of parents, teachers and veterans marched on the national rifle association's headquarters calling on the group to curtail its lobbying efforts. from capitol hill one virginia congressman says the shooting was enough to make him remember think his position on guns -- rethink his position on guns. >> i absolutely believe that americans have a right to reasonable gun ownership, but i also know after this enormous tragedy coming not that long after the tragedy at virginia tech, when my daughters asked me friday night, dad, you're in the senate. why can't we put reasonable restrictions on assault weapons or these rapid fire ammunition clips? i didn't have a good enough answer for them. so i, even as an nra a-rated member believe enough is enough. >> senator warner says as the funerals begin today is not the day to present a specific plan but he hopes in the coming weeks democrats and republicans can come together for a frank conversation on gun control while preserving the rights guaranteed under the second amendment. today the s
new spending. >> the stakes remain high. especially for the d.c. region. >> the washington region will suffer under sequestration far worse than other parts of the country. >> both sides still insist they want a deal. the senate and house to avoid the fiscal cliff, but the senate is pushing forward hoping they will have the deal by midnight tonight. we will technically go over the cliff on new year's day. the house hopes to fix everything on wednesday. they hope the markets will stay calm if the senate? today. mellon says they're happy with this final deal -- no one says they are happy with this final deal. reporting live from the capital rebecca cooper. >> jobs at the pentagon may be in jeopardy when we go over the fiscal cliff. they are not the only military related work at stake. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live at the pentagon tonight. >> last week, defense secretary leon panetta said day-to-day operations would likely not change dramatically if we go over the fiscal cliff. any potential layoffs would probably not happen immediately. workers are watching th
and little, if any, accumulation and from d.c. to the north and west and that is where we think most of the accumulation is going to be. you can see the city's involved in the winter weather advisory. front royal, winchester, frederick, hagerstown, leesburg and rockville. it doesn't look like this is going to be a big storm at all for us, moving long quickly. the way we see it now, most of the snow will arrive for everyone before sunrise and basically coming in overnight tonight. for the d.c. area here, we're talking about snow and we'll see snow for most of the day tomorrow. the highest accumulations will be north and west which, is very typical around here and all of the precipitation, whether it's rain or snow, will be tapering off late in the day. coming up with the full forecast, will, we're talking about where we think the greatest accumulations will be and who sees an inch of wet snow. >> all right, sounds like problems on the road. the district said it will be ready when the first flakes fall. city leaders say plows will hit the streets about 4:00 a.m. tomorrow and they're go
county and baltimore. then mainly rain from d.c. south and east. we'll talk more about what you can expect behind this system after all this snow and we'll look at new year's eve coming up. >> thank you. >>> this winter storm is expected to affect mostly the northern and western parts of our area. news 4's derek ward has been on the roads this morning monitoring the conditions. derek, what have you seen so far? >> reporter: well, so far, not a lot. we did see some flakes at about 5:00 this morning. this is what we've seen a lot of. these trucks with their flashing lights at the ready to treat the roads. some roads have been treated. early this morning, i saw some of that coming in the district and here in montgomery county. so not a lot they can do now, but they're ready if the conditions should change. we're kind of in a hole right now, but as that hole passes, we'll start to see some precipitation. prudence is the order of the day. >> derek, thank you. >>> road crews around d.c. worked for hours to get ahead of the snow. here's a live look at constitution at 23rd street. yesterday
along new york avenue in northeast d.c. one of the roads affected by the change here. here are the roads with the faster speed limits. the move comes after d-d.o.t. completed its review of the roads and found a higher speed would not impact safety in these areas. >> time now to check in with julie wright and see what is happening on the morning commute. >> good morning. anxious to see how this plays out for those traveling along new york avenue this morning. typically, a very heavy traveled area as you work your way between south dakota avenue and bladensburg road and coming outbound headed back over towards bw parkway. we are anxious to see how this is going to pan out for you. this is kenilworth avenue at eastern. no problems to report traveling through northeast headed out towards pennsylvania avenue. pulling up this camera again because this is what we're waking up to in germantown actually lot of fog out hereon the roads this morning. traveling south out of 270 or north headed up into frederick, allow some extra time out on the roads. be careful. 'tis the season. a lot of deer out t
. we are looking at some action items. our next item, action items, proposed amendments. the m d c bylawys. should go over them, one by one, vote for them. does the staff wish to identify the proposed amendments? >> i would be willing to do an introduction one at a time/ there has been discussion, set term limits. the appropriate thing is to bring it to the council for discussion and action. staff has written these proposed changes for the sake of discussion, not anything carved in stone. or not adopted. so, currently, the only thing that says, in the current bylaws for chairs, there shall be two co-chairs the service officers of the council. the council shall elect these officers. officer terms shall be one year. it is not say - the terms may be staggered by not less than three months. the idea was not to have another election for a co-chair right away so we have a job like jul was talking about. the idea was to have term limits, recommendation was too strong a word. co-chair shall serve a maximum of two terms. does anyone want to make a motion? if not, the bylaws can stay a
are not saying how and why the two men met. we know that there was a struggle and the man was stabbed. >> d.c. police are investigating a shooting in southeast. shots rang out at 8:00 this evening in the 5000 block of errors place. the details of the shooting are sketchy. the victim was found lying in the middle of the road, not yet identified. detectives are canvassing the carrier, searching for crews lues. d.c. police say a teenager was hit by a car and a second time by an suv. the suv driver did not stop. the police did not have a description, but they're looking for a tan suv with d.c. plates. >> the case of a missing university of maryland student has taken a sad turn. he disappeared 10 days ago, but it was found at a parking lot in bowie. investigators believe he took his own life. they say he had not spoken to friends or family since december 19. >> and emotional gathering in arlington as funeral services were held for jason emma, who was shot and killed in northeast on monday. the police say he was sitting in his car, blocks from his home, when he was killed. if he had just moved to c
wal-mart. bottom line, american communities survey, d.c. is a terry, younger, and andard bennett was in -- was in y2k. it i >> there building condominiums affordable for us. but it is affordable for the they have because jobs and we do not. 60% black a decade ago. now 50% black and 35% white. 42,000 blacks have left the city. >> i can walk to wherever i need. a car.t have is a lot of night life everything is very accessible. the city is a lot richer. median income up to $61,000. >> we are disappointed in the have received. >> these pastors said this vandalism is a reaction to a plan to build low-income housing for seniors. hettos," it say. who has money is able to get want.hey who is trying to do services forced out. y know they areot dealing with white racists but the church gets a message. the survey shows that d.c. is 34 years.unger, that is six months younger than 2000. are more hispanic men the cities. 8000 more, 2000 more agents. -- more asians. christieto come, chris for help on capitol hill. how this could make a difference for millions of people. happening see it at side
of snow. and at some point minority and west of d.c., fredrick county into low den -- louden county. we may see some heavier snow. but it's not going to stick. it's conversationtialal type of snow. >> you should be fine tomorrow. if you head out the door and you're going to shop all day long, what you want to do is grab an umbrella or maybe buy one. you can use it and reuse it and then give it to pamela. all righty. this is what we have outside right now. partly cloudy skies. our temperature, 37 degrees. you'll notice the wind chill factor exactly the same as the temperature because the wind has finally died down. earlier in the day 45 where we normally are this time of year, we normally see the temperature just beyond the freezing mark. today, we were pretty close to them. look at that record low of seven degrees set back in 1989. temperatures on our weather bug network. 28 after a high of 45 degrees. we had temperatures just around 47 earlier in alexandria. now at 31. our final stop will take us to lafayette district school. no rain today. but tomor
. >> and a boost for those >> president obama has declared d.c. a disaster area, opening up federal money to help cover emergency work and repairs from the storm. and to protect against future disasters. chris christie expected to be in d.c. today pressing for more aid following hurricane sandy. the new jersey governor wants full federal reimbursement for some storm-related cost. debris removal may not be able to continue unless fully reimbursed. >> it's 35 degrees. very cold this morning. >> especially compared to last several days. >> you definitely want to dress appropriately for the weather today. the last couple days you probably were in short sleeves by the afternoon. but today you need a long sleeves. you need to bundle up. we have clear skies overhead, so it will end up being beautiful. we have more clouds approaching from the west. that will move in late tonight. temperatures this morning between 25 degrees and 30 degrees colder than yesterday morning, so you feel the difference. 30 degrees at dulles, 27 in gaithersburg, 30 in culpeper. our forecast, mostly sunny. cooler than average, by
and points north and west. a wintry mix with rain south and east of d.c. the precipitation moves out as we head into the afternoon and early eveninon saturday, but not after dumping about a coating in the district and even more north and west of that. so i will give you more of a breakdown of exactly what we can expect in your backyard in your full forecast. back to you. >>> tonight firearm fans and firearms protesters are mixing it up at one of the area's largest gun shows. debra alfarone is live at the dulles expo center in chan till lee. debra, you've already see some really dicey confrontations. >> reporter: you could say that, and i have a lot more later on. the lines are long. the voices are loud. the parking lot here is absolutely full. the nation's gun show, that's what they call it, is obviously pretty popular for gun enthusiasts and also for protesters. there's actually more gun enthusiasts than protesters. they kind of outnumbered those protesters 10 to 1 at least. but i tell you what they lost in numbers, those protesters certainly made up in that decibel level. they were loud,
to business in d.c. >> only five days to avoid raising your taxes. are they close to a deal? >> no way. no way at all. >> and the start of the new art -- a new way to detect breast cancer. how the 3d approach could save more women to help catch the disease even earlier. like a lot of things, trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe - to create options for you. not only that, we're using what we learn from these partners to shape our curriculum, so that when you find the job you want you'll be a perfect fit. let's get to work. >>> 15 -away if 6:00 right now. five things -- five things to know this morning. he was the coach of the maryland team. the school says he died tuesday night. he was 77 years old. >>> former south african president nelson mandela was released from the hospital. he had a procedure to remove gallstones. the 94-year-old leader is expected to recover at his home in johannesburg. >>> people in chicago will have
where a winter weather advisory just expired in d.c. but the temperatures are expected to take a dive so the concern is icy roads. snow fell in frederick, maryland, drivers saw some flurries. there is leftover snow on the ground from wednesday there. snow turned to rain here in d.c. joggers braving the weather. less than inch fell in maryland. as temperatures dip below freezing, officials warning drivers to take it easy. storm team 4 meteorologist kim martucci is here with more. >> not much snow fell at d.c. a trace at reagan national. if you go north of frederick you get to 3 inches or more. the storm is leaving us. we said good-bye to the flurries a while ago. that is where ski country is. here's what is next for us. gusty winds on the way picking up overnight. this sends the wind chills into the teens tonight. it will feel like the 20s tomorrow. when i see you next we'll talk about a hiccup in the weather system coming our way for new year's day. >> thanks, kim. >>> new tonight, a 19-year-old's death in fairfax county is being called a homicide. we know the name of the victim, xavier
in the shooting. so should you have any information, you are asked to call d.c. police at 202-727- 9099. bruce? >> thanks for that. >>> the mri results are in tonight and the news is good when you consider the hit that rg3 took on during the win at fedex field today. we've got more on the super star's injury. >> reporter: yes, redskins nation held their breath when it happened. now you can let out somewhat of a big sigh of relief. a redskins spokesperson tonight said that the mri results on rg3's knees -- knee were negative. it's a knee sprain. here is the play you see him limping there. he tries to go down, but couldn't finish the drive. a back-up qb comes on in to save the day with this touchdown pass. and then he ran the two-point conversion himself to tie the game. and the left tackle as they said after the game that cousins was cool, calm, collected in that huddle. >> i could see he was limping after the second big completion. and i didn't know what to do, i tried to find coach shanahan to let them make the call as he said where is kirk? and i said okay, go out there take the spot. >> th
of bright, 38 degrees being the temperature in washington, d.c. our satellite picture shows the clouds will continue moving in. we could see a few sprinkles or snow flurries this evening. the main event really happens tomorrow. this is a weak system bringing snow across the central plains and mississippi river valley today. things are looking good up and down the eastern seaboard. today, partly sunny skies 45 x 3:00 claudia 6:00 and 39 degrees at the midnight hour. we will have more details on the timing of that system, in a little while. first, back to the news desk with scott. >> montgomery county fire fighters or call to rescue some duck hunters in great falls. there were on the water this morning near katie island. after they got out of the boats it drifted away and they were stuck. firefighters eventually reached the hunters, secure their boats and no one was hurt. d.c. police looking for the driver of an suv who hit and killed a teenager. a 16-year-old tarsha jackson was crossing the garrett avenue at first street nw when she was hit by a car friday night. was she was lying on th
for santa as he's making his deliveries, right now it's 40-degrees in downtown d.c.. 41 annapolis and 39 easton but a lot of folks are in the lower 30s like cumberland 32. hagerstown 34 and mid 30s in leesburg and frederick and gaithersburg also at 36 degrees. check out the windchills it feels like 23 in couple bier land right now. -- cumberland. it feels like 26 in gaithersburg. feels like 28 degrees at andrews. the windchill will continue to be a factor overnight tonight but the winds themes are going to settle down. when you get really cold even the slightest breeze gives awe windchill factor. overnight tonight more of the clouds creeping in from the west. but you can see that the bulk of the cloud cover and the snow showers have moved up to the knot and east. another disturbance approaching though from the southwest and because it's coming to us from the southwest we're not expecting any snow in the d.c. metro area. but take a look at 9 futurecast as we head through the day on sunday completely clear. but then the clouds start to drift in. as we head into monday morning. the rush hou
. charm city all about the prize. when we heard about a new show comparing ours to d.c., we had to get in on the debate. >> reporter: guys, it's funny. we're down here because the travel channel will do a comparison between federal hill and compare that to capitol hill. what is better? obviously, it's federal hill. we're on east charles street. this is a pretty normal evening. we go inside the cross market with all the seafood. let's ask what everybody thinks about d.c. is that for me? d.c. versus baltimore. we're throwing you on tv. tell me why, why you like baltimore and specifically where you like to go in federal hill. >> well, i live here in federal. i just like this because the people are friendly. it's a little more laid back. >> you say friendlier than d.c. so hands down we have a big rivalry. ravens versus redskins. there you go. there you go. so we got. we have drinks and we have a crazy game this weekend. again, federal hill versus -- what do they call it? capitol hill. that's right. >> mike masco, doing it. you're never going to leave that place. >> all right. it may not be
. >> aloha, hawaii. the president is on his way back to d.c. where for him it's about playing small ball with most members of congress still in their home district, speaker boehner put that ball in the senate's court. harry reid tossed it right back. are we looking at another lost day in the negotiations? hitching a right on air force one, the new senator from hawaii and it's not what we expected it to be. here we go again. the president in washington and another deadline. secretary geithner warns we will hit the debt ceiling even before we tumble over the fiscal cliff. good morning from washington. it is thursday, december 27th. this is "the daily rundown." i'm luke russert. two days after christmas and washington is back to work trying to harsh out a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. the senate will get back from the session after holiday break. the president is expected to arrive back to the white house without his family to get back to twork mework to meet the loo deadline. mike is at the white house. let's start with you. the consensus around the hill is that we are more likely than n
stories coming out of d.c. just less than two days to go until we go over the fiscal cliff and we are hours away from the redskins-cowboys game for the nfc east title. >>> good morning. i'm melanie alnwick. we are all over both stories. we will have a live interview on the latest on the fiscal cliff negotiations and hear from the big skins players this evening. what will the weather be like at kickoff? we have run the gamut when it comes to mother nature in recent days. many parts of our regions saw snow as well as snow and slush made it difficult on some of the roads. fast forward and here's how things are looking out right now. much of the snow and slush gone but it is windy and cold out there. gwen tolbart has the latest on the weather. [ no audio ] [ no audio ] >> can you hear me? where we've got the satellite radar composite and you can see where all the snow has moved off to the northeast and headed to the canadian maritime. here at home, things are different. clouds rolling in across the area but we will see clear skies into the course of tonight. not bad with a few clouds
, parents concerned after a body is found near a local elementary school. >> and find out why d.c.'s mayor opposes a plan to reimburse flood victims in the district. scott. >> and the redskins are at first place in the nfc east after the big win in cleveland on sunday. a great performance and especially curt cousins. was it enough to earn them another start next week? philadelphia? that and the latest on rg3 straight ahead at 5. gary. >> thank you, scott. >>> well, it looked like all day long it's going rain. is it going -- going to rain? we'll have a complete look at the forecast in just a bit. stay with us. we'll be back.  . >>> a mystery in northeast d.c. after a man in his 50s was found shot to death in fort lincoln park up the hill about 100-yards from thur god marshal elementary school. the police say a woman walking her dog discovered her body after 11:00 this morning. paul wagner joins us live from northeast with the story. paul. >> reporter: laura, many people living out here in fort lincoln view this neighborhood, this area as being very, very safe. in fact, d.c.
of the issue weigh in coming up at 10:30. >>> another big story, the fog that is blanketing the d.c. area, you can see a light layer in this live look from our tower cam in northwest. so what can we expect the rest of the night and the morning commute? sue palka is in the weather center with the latest. some rain as well out there. >> actually the rain is helping. when it rains, the fog disperses a little bit. so that's why it looks better than at 5:00 and we're starting to see more numerous showers develop across the area, but the fog will be very dense in places. so the national weather service has much of our region in a fog advisory until 6 a.m. all these counties you see filled in in the light blue, light gray are under that advisory, but it's really kind of bad in one or two spots at the moment. i would show you the visibilities here and call your attention to baltimore which has been socked in all day, still down to .1 of a mile visibility, annapolis at .3, but off to our west we're starting to see visibilities improve because of rain entering the picture. all of that is to our west. so
connection to the connecticut school shooting. >> and d.c.'s mayor wants more police officers on the street. why he said that is not going happen if the city council gets its way. >> and the internet is in a frenzy over a popular app. why your photos could end up in ads without your permission. hey, gary. >> and thanks, shawn. the sun came back out today. it was on the breezy side. listen, we're going start to trend colder the next few days. into this weekend and beyond. a first look at the forecast. it will be cold tonight, too. the first look at the forecast is coming up. stay with us, the news will come back.  hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit vwdeal
in upper northwest d.c. and some clouds out there. tom kierein has your forecast. >> it's near 50 in washington as well. there's a live view from the city camera. showing no fog around. a lot of the fog dissipated last night as winds increased out of the southwest sweeping the fog away. we still have a lot of cloudiness over the region this morning. breaks in the clouds to our south, though and southwest and we'll have a little bit of sunshine perhaps this morning, temperatures right now generally in the 40s to near 50 in the suburbs as well. around the bay, southern maryland, northern neck and eastern shore, in the low to mid 50s as well as through central virginia. low 40s in the shenandoah valley. here's your four-day forecast. midday, chance of a few sprinkles, perhaps 10:00, 11:00 this morning until 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. small chance of sprinkles. otherwise, partly sunny, highs reaching the mid and upper 50s. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. that's going to start perhaps later this morning and during the afternoon. winds diminish tonight and sunny tomorrow. a cold st
today in a southeast d.c. neighborhood, but it's not the police. an extra set of eyes are watching over a community still reeling after a teenager was shot and robbed on her way to school yesterday. derrick ward has more on the guardian angel patrols. >> reporter: yesterday this was part of a crime scene. but today it's part of something more. an effort to fight back. this after a teen was shot, just after 8:00 in the morning. she was on her way to school, headed for the bus stop. not her usual stop. there had been a robbery there so she was carrying her books in a computer bag and thought she would go somewhere safer. before she could reach that spot, she was confronted by a masked man. >> it was like he asked for the bag. and i was kind of slow to register. then he shot me and took the bag and ran. >> reporter: today amid the outrage that followed, members of the d.c. guardian angels stood watch. >> because of this tragedy, a young lady getting shot in the leg on her way to school, you know, this might be just the beginning now that it's the holidays. a lot of people are going to be o
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